Silkscreen Posters
I pull my own silkscreens for clients. Silkscreening enables the printmaker to play with ink opacity, use fine paper and create prints that feel less mechanical than offset lithography. There's a qualitative difference. A few examples are shown here.    

15" x 20" 4-color poster on Strathmore paper for a premier Women's soccer club
15" x 22" 3-color limited edition licorice poster on folio antique paper sold at Miette confiserie
11" x 18" 2-color poster on Kraft paper for a San Francisco food event
15" x 22" 2-color poster on Rising Bristol paper for a premier Men's soccer club
15" x 22" 1-color poster on Canson paper for the SF Ballet's Nutcracker
14" x 22" 1-color promotional poster on Yellow Canson for a gift app company 
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