Logos created for clients in a range of industries and shown in context. These include a logo for the San Francisco Airport that is used for expansion projects shown on a sign; 5-Thot which mounts speaking and performing events shown on a stage banner; Aviation Portfolio which is a premium aircraft and travel consultancy shown on their website; Calibrate Ventures which is a venture capital firm shown on their website; Miette which is a prominent patisserie shown on a magazine ad; California Wine Classic which is an annual wine event at the Ritz-Carlton shown on an invitation; and Kudos Trading Company that turns your smart phone into a gourmet vending machine shown on an illustrated mobile graphic.
Logo created to publicize the building of a new air traffic control tower at SFO that is now used to publicize all major construction projects at the airport
Logo for a company that produces entertainment and inspirational events
Logo for exclusive travel consulting company
Logo for a venture capital firm
Logo for the prominent San Francisco patisserie shown on a vignette of a magazine ad
Logo for the annual Crohn's and Colitis Foundation wine event at the Ritz-Carlton
Logo for a company that enables users of their app to give small gourmet gifts from local artisans and merchants. Shown here is the logo applied to an illustrated graphic I created that links to a high-end florist.
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