Identity, website, and event material for Ai conference
An inaugural conference for applied AI needed a name, logo and visual system for the online and onsite material. The system centers around abstract LIDAR illustrations that I drew and animated. LIDAR stands for "light detection and ranging" and is common in machine learning technology. Typically LIDARs are representational but by creating abstract versions they function aesthetically while evoking sensory information and processes.
EVENT Wordmark 
When referencing the event, people refer to it by either the acronym or tagline. Both feel futuristic and speak to the advanced technological period into which mankind is transitioning: a technological period itself defined by acronyms AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning (ML), and IoT (internet of things).
Animated illustrations on each page, set on black backgrounds, make a clean, unified, statement that feels like AI rather than showing it.
Mobile HOME PAGE, program, signage, and marketing piece 
Various items that showcase the brand in digital and print applications plus on white paper when legibility is important and black bleeds are print prohibitive. 
Identity, website, and event material for Women's leadership Conference hired me to brand a few of their leadership conferences for women. Each included a logo, website, social media graphics and event signage. For the Watermark Leadership Summit to be held at the San Jose Convention Center in Spring 2022, I centered the creative direction around chromatic ink patterns, painted in my studio, that paid off the word "water" in the name. These paintings could be used as full bleeds or masked in angular parallelograms that mimic the angular construction lines of the logo.
EVENT Wordmark 
Website home Page 
Website Page Banners 
social media system 
A system that can be arranged and combined in myriad ways so that the system remains fresh over a long posting schedule.
event signage system 
Upright floor signs, billboards, horizontal and vertical exterior vinyl banners. Along with the hand-painted patterns, the creative system also includes a diamond pattern that extends the angular lines of the logo and can be used as overlays, footer patterns, and text dividers.  
Invitation and program for wine event
Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America hosted their 20th Annual wine fundraiser at the Ritz-Carlton. They required branding that would live on beyond the event as well as a classy invitation, program and display material.
Gold foil invitation featuring an art-nouveau inspired grape cluster engraving paired with a stem in the shape of California
The invitation system along with the program
Grape leaf Illustration on the inside of the program that is also used on displays throughout the event. the system is printed in three colors and includes Duotone photographs
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